Conventional Slab Formwork

Novaflex is a conventional and adaptable girder slab forming method using few components

A facing such as plywood or alkus is placed on H20 beams which are supported by props and tripods or shoring towers. The systems main benefit is it’s adaptability. It suits various and difficult layouts, including varying slab thicknesses, unusual geometries and particular load cases. This method saves time and money on labour as it is fast to erect and dismantle due to being lightweight and easy to handle. No longer will you need to stock different sized ply; use the same beams as main and cross braces over and over again. An efficient and lightweight choice over it’s ply alternative.


Manufactured under stringent
European quality control.


Hot-dip galvanised steel components; solid timber beams with water resistant stain.


High load capacity system using our heavy duty props and Novabeams.


Lightweight and fast setup increasing
job productivity.


Suitable for specific load cases and
varying slab thicknesses.


Few components required: ply or alkus facing, Novaprops, fork heads and Novabeams.


Easily adapted to suit various and irregular layouts.


Available as a complete system or individual components, as required.


Heavy duty props available in 20kN & 30kN, lengths 3.00, 3.50, 4.00 & 5.50m

Forked Prop Head

Galvanised Steel 2.40 kg

Novabeam H20

Standard lengths available 1.95, 2.45, 2.65, 2.90, 3.30, 3.60, 3.90, 4.50, 4.90, 5.90 & 6 m


Galvanised Steel 8.50 kg

Single Fork Head

Galvanised Steel 1.00 kg