Advanced Technology

Closed hollow profile
Multi-function & grip profile

Meva... Setting the industry standard

The Frame Profile: highest standard possible

The closed hollow panel frame profiles were developed from German technology. They are robust and sturdy and concrete cannot seep into the profile, thus resulting in quick and easy cleaning. Strategically placed weep holes are incorporated to assist with the elimination of any moisture. The acceptable panel tolerances are achieved by using high quality profiles, along with robotics during the welding process.

Unique treatment process

Cutting edge world class technology has been employed from the automotive industry to professionally prime, coat and thoroughly proof the manufactured formwork panel frames. This is a unique process for Novatec’s panel formwork systems and one which dominates the market. Without any doubt it is an excellent anti-corrosion treatment and the formwork panels can be expected to resist rust and remain
in service for a very long time.




SAS Quick release system
Mammut inside corner with M-Assembly locks & form-ties
StarTec panel connection with AS-Assembly lock & typical form-tie
Form panels & fillers connected with the Uni-Assembly Lock
Safe, quick mount Scaffold Bracket
Articulated Flange Nut minimises panel damage