Safe Prop

The Safest Smartest Most Efficient way to Prop

SAFE PROP is a unique and innovative product that makes back propping more efficient and most importantly, safer.

As you know, constructing suspended slab floors creates a number of potential safety risks which need to be managed. So, what if you could completely eliminate several of those risks with a simple and cost effective adjustment to your back props?

Safe Prop is a unique and innovative product that makes back propping more efficient and most importantly safer.

Dependable and durable, this patented universal safety product has been designed and engineered in Australia and used around the world as the number 1 solution for securing props, ensuring enhanced safety on job sites globally.

Safe Prop is made suitable for any type and size of prop and meets Australian and European standards.





The SAFE PROP Advantage

Prevents serious injuries

The patented spring loaded attachment prevents back props from becoming loose or falling over during the curing and post stressing period, increasing safety in and around job sites.

Increases efficiency

Removing the need to drill support screws onto prop heads means installation is quicker and easier, saving time and costs.

Prevents harmful exposure to silica

Eliminates exposure to crystalline silica found in concrete dust by removing the need for concrete drilling, particularly overhead which comes with further risks.

Maintains structural integrity

No drilling of concrete required, reducing the risk of damaging services and/or post tensioning cables.

Set & forget - no screws or adjustments required

Install and Uninstall a single prop with Safe Prop in under a minute

No more...

Silica Dust

To find out more about the dangers of Silica Dust and ways to reduce exposure in the workplace, follow the links below:

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SAFEPROP - The Safest way to Prop