MEP shoring system
Few parts – various applications

Novatec Construction Systems supplies the MEP product which is designed to be used as an individual prop shoring tower or as a table form for all kinds of applications in slab forming. You always use the same basic components, and the props are equipped with a ‘state of the art’ quick-lowering system (SAS).

MEP-props + frames

  • Singular props to support slab formwork, from underground car parks to high structures of even more than 5.00 m in height
  • to form tables for large floor surfaces
  • to form edge tables in skeleton construction
  • to support reinforced concrete beams or pre-cast members
  • to build shoring towers for industrial construction and civil engineering projects. (complying to relevant Australian standards)
  • when used in shoring towers the maximum load-bearing capacity of the MEP-prop is 40 kN; a greater loading can be achieved if additional lateral support is used

Features and advantages

  • Two different types of props are sufficient for most slab heights. For slabs with a height in excess of 5.00 m the props are simply braced with MEP frames and extensions.
  • Only a few basic components (props and frames) guarantee a fast and easy assembly and an easy-to-handle inventory.
  • Coarse adjustment with pins, and precise adjustment with sturdy and practical adjusting nuts on the external tube.
  • The quick-lowering system lowers the prop when struck with a hammer after concrete loading – no need to spindle the prop under load, less wear on material and less physical effort.
  • Uneven grounds can be compensated by varying the extension of the inner tube.
  • Bracing frames can be attached to the MEP-props with a quick-locking-device. The locked position of the hammerhead screw can be easily checked by visual control.

SAS quick-lowering system

  • coarse adjustment with pins, and precise adjustement with the adjusting nut on the external tube
  • relieved of load when struck with a hammer
  • after stripping the SAS quick-lowering system automatically resets itself to the original locked position.

Few accessories

  • Adjustable diagonal cross braces allow prop spacings from 80 cm to 350 cm. This may be required for special projects.
  • Scaffolding tubes (Ø 48 mm) can be attached with an MEP tube coupler to the external tube of the prop at any position required.
  • The MEP-scaffold platform is used for the fast assembly of access platforms. They have a self-locking mechanism, which engages in the MEP-frames.
  • Beam clamps secure steel or aluminium beams to the head plate of the prop (e.g. to form tables).
  • Forked prop heads can be mounted to the MEP-props to take up the steel profiles or wooden beams of the superstructure.
  • A lift truck is used to lift and transport the shoring towers (2 trucks are required per 4-leg tower).

ME/MEP/MD props
A simple concept
All props correspond to the relevant Australian standards.

  • The props are designed to have the same load-bearing capacity at all extensions – so there is no need to consult tables. This also reduces the number of different types of props, which results in more efficient reuses.
  • The props which are designed according to class D and E of the European standard automatically comply with class B and C and with the German DIN standard.