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Features & Benefits

Using Novatec's modular systems allows you to create your formwork requirements quickly and efficiently,enabling you to reduce your labour costs and avoid the high cost of plywood and timber. Additionally, these systems will assist to increase your on-site safety, by ensuring best practice during assembly and stripping of formwork.


Novatec wallform panels (  StarTec & AluStar ) have the following features:


The AS assembly lock

The assembly lock connects panel to panel fast and efficiently, regardless of whether the panels are assembled side by side or on top of each other. The lock can be attached with one hand to the frame at any position required, and a single hammer blow will lock the 5 point support into place ensuring that your panels are tightly held. The number of assembly locks required is kept to a bare minimum, and panels can be gang-formed very quickly - without the need for strongbacks and or whalers.

Formface Inbuilt

The wallform systems come with a choice of form facings: an inbuilt high-grade plywood formfacing that permits a high number of re-uses. A plastic composite polypropylene form-facing called ALKUS, which is able to be reused in excess of 500-600 times. See


Inbuilt Tie-Holes

The systems use Z-Bar ( bar-tie ) as form-ties, and the panels have special holes at engineered locations to place these ties. The need to calculate form-tie spacings is eliminated as the systems are designed to handle the concrete pressure accordingly - resulting in reduced labour costs and or time-saving in forming your structure.


Closed profiles on the panels

Both steel and aluminium frames are made with closed mitred joints. The profiles are provided with a groove and integrated protection for the form facing edges. This creates torsionally braced panels meaning a reduced number of wall braces and increased safety when hoisting panels via crane.



Novatec slab forming system ( MevaDec ) has the following features :



The MevaDec system utilises the patented Drop-Head which allows the formwork to be stripped after only 3 days ( dependant on concrete strength ) leaving only the props behind as back propping. This has the advantage of reducing cycle time ,and the quantity of formwork required for the project. Additionally, the Drop-Head actually lowers by some 190mm when stripping - allowing for easier removal of the formwork.


Beams with tracks

The MD Primary Beams have an in-built track, which allows the panels or MD Secondary Beams to be slid along their length, resulting in easier in-filling and or simplicity for erection purposes. Additionally these 'tracks' have weep holes at given centres which enables the concrete grout to run through,minimising the amount of build up that has to be removed at a later date.



The new MevaDec panels also have the patented ALKUS formfacing - see above.



MevaDec can be utilised as one complete system, or the components can be interchanged and used as three complete systems. The option is available to have a class 2 finish ( off-form ) or a class 3 finish, dependant on your requirements.

The MevaDec system does not require the observance of fixed grids. Beams and panels can be placed in their most optimal position to suit the layout needed, with the client having the option of changing assembly direction without complication.

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