MAC Automatic Climbing

Fastest 3-Way Accuracy
Self climbing, fully automatic hydraulic system, featuring a fast stroke climbing action unique three-way adjustment option for aligning the forms.

Ritz Carlton Perth-13

MAC is recognised as the fastest technology for climbing high-rise buildings

The platforms on either side, are moved via a hydraulic ram as a complete unit. A lift of 4.00 m takes only around 60 minutes. Roll back, suspended shutters increase work speed, resulting in a “steel and concrete works plus one day” schedule. Apart from the initial assembly, the MAC is completely crane-independent, thus, productivity is never hindered by wind velocities even at great heights.





Non-return ratchet offers premium hydraulic safety

The long-stroke, heavy-duty hydraulic system is equipped with safety features such as a non-return ratchet that locks on each cylinder.

The system´s inner and outer formwork shutters comprise pre-fabricated formwork panels. Three-way adjustment on the shutters enables completely independent adjustment in each direction, ensuring the greatest possible accuracy.

This technology underlines the MAC´s advantage in efficiency and flexibility, positioning it one step ahead in the demanding field of high-rise building projects across the world.

The MAC platforms are completely enclosed offering protection from weather influences and the safety of a closed working environment.

Features & Benefits

  • The jacking beams are supported by concrete that has already set - Structure can be lifted the day after pouring, saving time.
  • A long jacking stroke per level; ensures a fast program time of "reinforcement plus concrete plus one day." The fastest technology, speed and efficiency, resulting in extensive time savings.
  • Lifted entirely without crane - No crane time needed, saving time and enabling climbing even at great heights with strong winds.
  • As the top deck is free of jacking masts and other mechanical obstacles, improved safety and working conditions is achieved.
  • Improved safety is achieved via the use of hydraulic non-return valves and non-return ratchets on each jack. The potential risk of accidents and disruptions is also greatly reduced.
  • Rolling panels ensures fast and easy opening and closing of shutters with; fewer operations resulting in more speed.
  • The building sequence is independent of external factors ensuring Speed, reliable scheduling and on-time work flow.
  • The long-stroke and heavy duty hydraulic rams (20 ton load capacity) allow 4.0 m of travel enabling deep, floor-to-floor single pours.
  • The shear key pocket moulds are retrievable prior to jacking and are therefore immediately reusable saving on time and money.
  • Drop panels allow for easy access to platforms for placing steel reinforcement, penetrations and built-in items.
  • The 3 way adjustment of shutters allows for maximum possible accuracy.
  • The fully clad and enclosed environment provides protection from the elements, safe and comfortable conditions for workers.
  • The multiple working decks ensures improved productivity and safety.