LBBJV (  Leighton Bilfinger Baulderstone Joint Venture ) approached NOVATEC seeking a practical engineering solution for the construction of the RC WALLS to the SMOKE DUCT structure at the NVO site of this project.

The complex formwork design had to allow for the forming of the splayed concrete walls up against the roughly cut rock face, which had been previously excavated. Our first task was to design a suitable FALSEWORK system to support this formwork, whilst also initially providing access for all rock-bolting works.The working RL’s required a system to extend¬† out of the excavation to the required final soffit height of approximately 17 metres. The optimal solution was quickly assessed as being our MEP SHORING SYSTEM, which was able to be quickly & easily assembled in towers at ground level, in a horizontal method. These towers were then craned into the excavation and stood vertically providing the ability to install the timber & plywood soffit without complication.

The first formwork pour was achieved by the use of our STB 450 BRACING FRAMES, along with our StarTec wall formwork panel system. These systems ensured we were able to pour the single-sided concrete at a height of 5 metres, by anchoring the STB FRAMES to the slab using a 20mm bar-tie system. These ties had been previously cast when the slab was poured. Subsequent pours saw the StarTec system be used in a double-sided configuration, and then finally all remaining pours up against the rock face were achieved by anchoring the StarTec panel system to the rock by means of chemsets, located in SPECIAL FILLERS, which gave the versatility of some tolerance in tie location due to the incremental location of their 32mm tie hole spacings.

The standout results were achieved by NOVATEC providing both excellence in engineering & the successful delivery of TECHNICALLY ADVANCED FORMWORK & FALSEWORK SYSTEMS.