Single Sided Wall Formwork

Support Frame STB

The safe support system for single-sided formwork

What was an exception years ago is a routine matter today: single-sided walls. For example when concreting against existing structures or for the skinning of pits, for retaining walls or for shafts and tunnels.

With single-sided walls the total concrete pressure must be transferred from the formwork into the structure or into the ground. Meva support frames offer a safe and economical solution with an anchoring system which is built into the foundation, the floor slab or the slab.

Support frame STB 300
The total height of 3.00 m allows forming walls with a height up to 3.75 m.

Support frame STB 450
The height of 4.50 m is suited to build up to 5.00 m high walls. For greater heights extension pieces (of 1.50 m) can be added. When Triplex braces are used for additional support it is even possible to pour walls of more than 12.00 m.

Brace bracket SK 150
Indispensable for small single-sided applications of less than 2.00 m; for example for stop ends of base plates, even with joint tapes or in slopes.

Tips for the field
When support frames are used the following questions need consideration:

  • foundations and floor slabs etc. must be able to resist the transmitted loads (a static calculation might be required)
  • the dimensions of the anchors and the layout  have to be planned in detail before the construction will be started
  • in order to avoid an overloading of the formwork the support frames should be attached to the panels close to tie holes
  • the “opposite side” of the single-sided formwork (e.g. existing wall, etc.) must be able to resist the concrete pressure as well
  • as a rule anchor bars must not be welded, heated or deformed.