Climbing Systems

MGC/MGS – Guided Climbing / Screens

MGC: Climbing Higher, Climbing Safer

Novatec´s Guided Climbing System MGC comprises vertical formwork and safety platforms as a single unit. It remains securely attached to the building structure during building and lifting. Thus, wind velocities do not affect the building process. Assembly is at ground level for improved safety and speed.
The MGC system is designed to meet the highest standards in effi ciency and safety:

  • for high-rise construction
  • complementing the proven climbing scaffold KLK 230

The Guided Screen System MGS
is the MGC´s integrated system for slabs. Highest safety is guaranteed by full side protection, enhanced by several technical advantages:

  • spacing of brackets is variable
  • level heights 3,00 m to 4,25 m
  • secondary platforms attachable to any bracket
  • integrated access system

MGS is also assembled at ground level: All parts are lifted into the guard rails from below.

Novatec’s MGC (MEVA Guided Climbing) System provides a significant advantage: bracket extensions, secondary platforms, ladder extensions etc. are mounted from ground level below – under simple and safe assembly conditions.

  • The MGC System is a proven and cost-effective technology for buildings which require the core shaft to be poured ahead of floor slabs.
  • The Guided Climbing System MGC ensures highest safety for high-rise construction projects, with wind velocities up to 70 km/h.

The integrated screens are designed to meet the highest standards in international high-rise construction.

Benefits and features

  • A modular system for climbing and screen adaption with the simplest possible design and logistics
  • Is always anchored to the building throughout the climbing process offering premium safety standards
  • Is completely surrounded by screens making for optimum work safety and labour performance
  • Level heights from 3,00 m to 4,25 m – Flexible planning for all high-rise buildings
  • Have working platforms which are easily attachable to rails at any point
  • Has an integrated ladder system.
  • The guided Climbing system is assembled at ground level requiring the initial wall height of only 3,25 m
  • Free positioning of guide rails up to a width of 4,50 m
  • Simple, automatic climbing process – Reduces crane time
  • Able to withstand wind velocities of up to 70 km/h, reducing down times