The formwork system for manual application and crane use

StarTec is the versatile formwork system for all sized contractors who have to face a lot of different construction jobs.

  • StarTec is flexible enough to allow use in domestic, commercial, civil and industrial construction projects
  • The formwork is light enough for manual application but also solid and sturdy enough for crane ganging
  • The torsion proof panels are made up of closed profiles
  • The panels are available in heights of 270, 135 and 90 cm; including a large-size panel of 270/240 cm
  • It is always possible to combine the panels in a way to obtain continuous vertical joints in the concrete and keep the projecting formwork height at a minimum
  • Anchor sleeves are welded in the panel frame; their conical shape highly facilitates the placing of Z-Bar tie rods
  • As the profiles and panel sizes are identical you can combine StarTec with the aluminium formwork AluStar in any possible way.

Longer lifespan
Improved protection against rust and corrosion by a cataphoretic dip-painting (well established in truck construction) before immersion treatment. This extends the lifespan and reduces the cleaning effort.

Closed profiles
The heavy-duty steel frames are manufactured of closed profiles. Depending on the static requirements for the various sized panels the thickness of the profiles are of up to 4 mm.

Fast panel connection
The fast and efficient connection of the panels is guaranteed by the Meva assembly lock.

No matter if the panels are assembled side by side or on top of

each other – the assembly lock can be attached on the frame at any position. With a few hammer blows two effects are achieved at the same time: a safe connection and a perfect alignment. Since the┬álock only weighs 2 kg it can be easily attached with one hand, even if you are working on a ladder.



Attachment of accessories
Meva multi-function profiles with integral Z-Bar threaded nuts permit fast attachment of all accesories:

  • Wall braces and alignment rails are mounted with flange screws
  • Scaffolding brackets are quickly attached with their integrated self-locking pins
  • Problem areas can be compensated by attaching Z-Bar tie rods to the multi-function profile – independent of tie holes.

Your advantage: few accessories, easy stock-keeping, no time consuming searching for unnecessary components.

Resistance to concrete pressure
Novatec’s StarTec is designed to resist high concrete pressure. In other words, with a formwork of single panel height (not extended) the concrete can be poured in a single operation, all the way to the top.