MevaDec FTE / HN / E Systems

Forming of slabs has become a lot more efficient with the introduction of the MevaDec FTE / HN / E modular slab formwork systems.

This modular formwork system is extremely versatile and will:

  • Easily adapt to most floor plans
  • Handle concrete thicknesses of up to 1.0 metres
  • Achieve off-form finish ( requires utilisation of HN system )
  • Greatly minimise all infill areas
  • Ensure high levels of productivity, resulting in significant labour savings
  • Eliminate the need to purchase large qty’s of timber and plywood ( small qty’s will still be required to infill areas )
  • Reduce freight costs, as more formwork is able to be loaded per truck than conventional systems
  • Improve Workplace Health & Safety concerns, as erection is done from below
  • Provide larger clear unobstructed areas underneath formwork resulting in improved access for all trades
  • Reduce dependancy on craneage to lift materials off slab – all components are small enough ,and light enough to be transported up in a material hoist

Primary and Secondary Beam Method ( HN Method )
Primary and secondary beams are situated at the same level. They support the separate plywood shuttering. The use of drop heads permits early dismantling of the primary and secondary beams, which enables the props to remain behind undisturbed. This forming method can be applied to all floor layout, even if the floor is not right angled  ,as the modular system adapts in both directions. This system can be utilised to achieve an off-form finish.

Drop Head Beam Panel Method ( FTE Method )
As with the primary and secondary beam method, the load bearing system is composed of primary beams and drop heads. It supports the ready made panels which have either plywood or alkus ( patented plastic composite ) as a formfacing. The drop head permits the early striking of primary beams and panels as it does with the HN system.The above method achieves a ‘ patterned ‘ finish, due to the layout of panels, with very minimal deflection. If required skimming or patching can assist to ensure a higher class of exposed concrete.

Panel Method ( E Method )
Panels are supported directly at their joints by prop heads – without beams, and whilst productivity levels can be very high, there is no undisturbed propping feature with this style of system. Props can be of lower capacity as spans and or loads are reduced accordingly.